IMPORTANT NOTE about user reviews

NOTE: We've seen a few instances here of people "reviewing" a lens or other product that they don't actually own. SLRgear user reviews are meant to be just that: Reviews of products you own, have used, and have some experience with. Posts by non-owners reduce the usefulness of this resource for other readers, and will be deleted as we find them. If you encounter a post obviously written by someone who doesn't own the product, or that is otherwise off-topic or inappropriate, please use the "Suggest a Product" email link found at the top right of every page on the site, or the "Report Product" link on every product page (visible only when logged-in), to let us know of the offending post, so we can remove it.

We also don't allow people to post links to online merchants that include affiliate links other than our own. It's very time consuming and expensive to bring our reviews to our readers, so we need our readers to support us by purchasing through our own affiliate links whenever possible.

Thank you!
- The management