What is it?

A chance to win a really cool digital SLR/lens system (or cash equivalent) every time you write a product review for SLRgear.com. The more reviews you post, the better your chances!

Who can enter?

Anyone age 18 or older. It's open to citizens of any country, and to photographers of any experience level. All you need is to have used a piece of photographic equipment currently listed on SLRgear.com, and to have the desire and ability to share your experiences with other photographers.

How do I enter?

Set up a (free, confidential) user account on SLRgear.com (if you don't already have one), and review one or more pieces of the photo gear listed there. You can review lenses, teleconverters, cameras, tripods, tripod heads, strobes, and camera bags. Every time you review a product, your name is entered for the prize drawing. The more products you review, the better your chance of winning!

What is the prize?

The winner will receive their choice of one of the following:
A cash payment in the amount of $1,700 US, less wire transfer fees as applicable. (Cash prize is available to residents of any country)
A Nikon D200 camera system, consisting of a D200 body and Nikkor Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX lens.
(US residents only)
A Canon EOS-30D camera system, consisting of a 30D body and Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens. (US residents only)

How long does the contest run?

The cutoff for reviews to be submitted for consideration is Midnight US Eastern Standard Time, January 15, 2007.

How do I register on SLRgear, so I can post reviews?

It's simple! Just go to the registration page, and enter a username and password. You'll get an email in a few minutes with a confirmation link in it. Click on that link, and your account is activated! (And be assured that we'll never give your email address to any outside party!)

I don't own many lenses, what can I review?

Reviews of any photo gear that's listed on SLRgear are eligible for this sweepstakes. We have hundreds of products listed, including digital SLRs, tripods, monopods, tripod heads, bags, teleconverters, and strobes. Every time you post another review, your name goes into the hat again: The more reviews you submit, the better your chances of winning!

What are my chances of winning?

Your chances of winning will depend on how many reviews you submit, and how many total user reviews we have on the site when the sweepstakes ends. As we're launching this sweepstakes in mid-November, there are about 450 user reviews posted. Even if there are several thousand by the end of the sweepstakes in mid-January, your chances will still be way better than most public sweepstakes. (For instance, if there were 2,000 total reviews, and you had posted 10 of your own, your chances would be 1 in 200 of winning. Not bad, for a $1,700 prize value!)

I've already posted a bunch of reviews to SLRgear, what about me?

Anyone who has already submitted product reviews will be automatically included in the drawing. (How could we ignore the great folks who've supported the site from the beginning?)

I've posted reviews on other sites, can I use them here too?

Unless you signed a copyright agreement to the contrary, you have the right to use whatever you wrote anywhere you like. We don't require reviews posted on SLRgear to be exclusive to our site. (Which means you're also free to re-post anything you put up on SLRgear anywhere else you like, too: You always own the rights anything you write, you're just giving us permission to post it on SLRgear or associated sites or publications.)

Do my reviews have to follow any format to be eligible?

No, the format is up to you, but NOTE that we reserve the right to reject any review from consideration that we judge to be insubstantial or frivolous. In other words, you can't just type "Great lens" and have that count as a review. Write what you think other photographers would like to hear about, what parts of your experience with a product you think would help others decide whether they should buy it or not.

Why can non-US residents only receive the money, not a camera?

In the course of administering the Canon-sponsored Photo-of-the-Day contest over on our Imaging Resource website, we've all too frequently encountered unbelievable(!) hassles and expense in trying to ship high-value products to worldwide destinations. Shipping fees, customs duties, delays, it's just too much hassle. We do want to reward international visitors for their efforts though, hence the cash award.

Do I have to pay taxes if I win?

Any taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. In the US, we are required to file a W-9 form with the IRS, listing the value of the prize. (This means that the IRS will know that you've received a prize. NOTE that we cannot award a prize to a US contestant without having their social security number for the IRS form. This applies only to the prize winner though (we only need your social security number if you win), and the only use made of the SSN will be for reporting to the IRS.) Overseas, taxes are between you and your government. (We're a US company, so we fall under the jurisdiction the US Internal Revenue Service.)

Will this get my name on a mailing list?

No, absolutely not! Imaging Resource & SLRgear never share email addresses with outside companies, unless the terms of the contest or sweepstakes explicitly indicate that the data collected will be shared. This contest is an entirely "in-house" one for SLRgear, so no outside parties will ever have access to your email address.